Saturday, September 06, 2008

"Read a Island story!!"

...after a non-verbal look of correction from Mom: (in a sugary sweet voice) "T(c)ould you peas read a Island story??"

"Once there were two girls. One morning they woke up in their bunk beds to hear the sound of a crackling fire and a rocking chair. They were so excited when they remembered that they were at the cabin. The smell of coffee floated into their room, and they knew that Bampa was up, reading in the rocking chair. They tried to plan their adventures for the day...a canoe trip? a walk in the forest? building a fort? a trip to the library?..."

...The two girls always end up on an island. Rock Island. They are usually with lots of cousins. And they often encounter some ducks, swans, deer, or maybe even Charlie Chipmunk or Sammy Squirrel. They get very tired as they travel back to the cabin. Bampa reads them a story and tucks them into their very special bunk beds (where Momma used to sleep when she was a little girl).

I think everyone in this house is missing the cabin.


Liz Thomson said...

Aww! I miss you and your family! :)

School was good the first week - I survived, anyway! :) I can't wait to talk to you and update you on all the Liz happenings. I will try calling you - maybe tomorrow??? We'll see...

Love you!

Bampa said...

I loved it

Redbaerd said...

me too. can I be included in an Island Story? I could really use a little time on the rocky shoreline.

Kate Rudd said...

This picture captures something so beautiful about that place - and Maya..


Daniel Rudd said...

i miss the cabin
and i miss you
hope to see you both soon
but you sooner