Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What to do with nap time... always one of my decisions of the day (on the days I am at home).

Some days, I end up cuddling, soothing, playing with one of the girls when the big afternoon nap doesn't align quite as I'd imagined. But alone time with Sophie, or occasionally Maya is precious too.

Today though, I'm really hoping to accomplish something 'practical.' A list item to be crossed off.

But what will it be....

...a pumpkin pie?
....Chicken Tiki Masala for dinner?
...a 2nd coat of paint in the red bathroom (now a year overdue)?
...the mountain of shirts needing to be ironed?
...organizing books in the basement to be donated?


MandieGirl said...

I say try the paint or the books. You'll feel WAY better once those are done!

Anonymous said...

I say Chicken Tiki Masala and I'll be there for dinner!

Just kidding,

Dad C.

Kelly said...

Umm....I really hope you went for the pumpkin pie.

Oh...and thank you so much. I'm now so hungry for a good pumpkin pie, I can hardly stand it.

You just got to love pregnancy cravings. First it was cupcake cones.... now it's pumpkin pie.

It's a five hour drive to Muskegon. I may just show up for a piece in the middle of the night. :)

I hope you enjoyed your day!

Lindsey said...

I can totally relate. Today, i tackled the bathroom. I even took down the light fixture and put the globes in the dishwasher. Jaely, however, had other plans and woke up early, right in the middle of everything! Grrrr.

Kate Rudd said...

I survey our home with restless eyes, running through a mental list of projects. They'll all have to wait - I have a yard sale and my love's birthday to attend to. But next week...

I hope you made the pie. But I think you organized books.


Liz Thomson said...

Chicken Tiki Masala! YUM!!!

Miss ya girl!