Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Something I love from today's advent prayer...

Lord, let us seek harmony in our lives as the angels did when they announced the Christ Child's birth in perfect praise. Amen.

My new favorite advent 'calendar'...our Jesse Tree. Each day, we add a new piece of The Story to our Jesse Tree, another story of God's Rescue Plan. We start with the explanation of 'the Root of Jesse'....and the story of Jesse and his son David, and then going all the way back to Adam and Eve in the garden, Noah, Abraham,....all leading up to The Rescuer.

This is the unfinished version... a picture I took last week. (Now it's hanging up on our wall)


Anonymous said...

I love them!!

Anne Marie said...

That is really cute. That tree hanging that something that you made, or bought? I will need that kind of structure when I have kids because I'm not that creative. So cute.

Kate Rudd said...

ok. you made this, didn't you?

it's huge and fabulous.

and i resent you just one tiny bit for making fabulous look so easy.