Thursday, June 16, 2005

hyper neighbors

emma upstages liam
Originally uploaded by AngandRyan.
a week ago, i opened my door to this sight. emma and liam were knocking to say "goodbye"--before heading to disney world. a few pre-trip pictures will show that emma is not always 'the shy one.' they were both pretty excited.

emma danced in front of my camera for quite a long time. every so often freezing if she thought a certain pose would make a good picture.

liam sat in the van ready to go for more than an hour before they actually departed.
they're still gone, and Puffy...or Fluffy...(the small rodent that Emma keeps as a pet) is fortunately still alive under my care.

other happenings...

our main drain is clogged, so we have some lovely raw sewage in our basement. hopefully, "Ted Douglas & Son's" will be here soon to clean it up and unclog the drain.


rob peoples said...

question - yes? how did you do the multiple pictures?

they are really cool having a bunch of them in the story - it helps it to become more alive.

Ang said...

Well, after i made a flickr post, i went back and looked at it in the actual computer language...lingo.. in the edit post section. and after i had made myself a photobucket account...(a place to host photos so they have an actual address), i copied the address of my pictures and typed it into my post-and made it look like the flickr picture.
it was kind of tricky and i feel pretty computer smart now. (even though i have no idea what the actual terms are for this computer language) thanks for noticing, cuz it took a long time.