Friday, June 17, 2005

I found these words from sacred space gave me a different perspective on my thoughts about freewill.


There are very few people
who realise what God would make of them
if they abandoned themselves into his hands,
and let themselves be formed by his grace. (St Ignatius)
I ask for the grace to trust myself totally to God's love.

...things i've often heard, and sometimes begin to understand, but often don't acknowledge with my life. what a beautiful freedom, to be formed by his grace.

i recently read a beautiful post that drew an image of God as a composer, uniquely composing music for...(and with)...each of us. i keep absorbing that image more and more. God, shaping intricate melodies... sometimes rich and full harmonies...layers and layers of sound, and yet sometimes the melody is only a solo...or even silence. the music is often dissonant, sometimes (vivace) full of life, or dolce (rich and sweet), and other times lonely and haunting.
but the music is His, and it draws us to him.
i hope your day is full of beautiful music "formed by his grace."

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Thanks for pointing me toward Sacred Space - it's been a beautiful and restful part of my recent days..