Tuesday, June 28, 2005

"The ache for home..."

I've mentioned before-the quote in my living room: "The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place..." - Maya Angelou.
While riding through Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan yesterday and today, I felt this ache...powerfully. But today, I finally walked into my own house and into Ryan's arms.

It was a very fun trip. Apparently,Josh, Mandy's husband who drove the entire trip there and back (except for a few hours when Mandy took over) has been tricked by my "eloquent and thoughtful blog" into thinking that I was quite mature and "level-headed."

He retracted those compliments after spending several days locked in a moving vehicle with me and two other female college friends. We were a bit obnoxious. But we (Mandy, Rachel, and I) had great fun. This is Mandy, entertaining us all with bandaids. I think we were in Kansas.

Mmmm... Baskin Robbins somewhere in Missouri.

The wedding was beautiful, and reminded me again of the beauty of marriage. Some weddings leave me frustrated and hoping that the couple has a better understanding of marriage than their wedding portrays. This was not one of those.
Also...the bride was beautiful, the garden ceremony was elegant, and there was great music, dancing, and fun at the reception. I was once again reminded how much I love my friends from school. Even though our lives have changed, it is still deeply refreshing and comforting (and fun) to be together...at least for me. I miss them already.

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Kim said...

You do have a thoughtful blog and are mature and level headed...I definately agree with Josh. So glad to have you home.