Monday, July 25, 2005

being a musician/teacher... becoming more exciting and full of responsibility.

Being a new teacher is difficult, but at the same time, great things are not expected of you. Though there is great responsibility in molding young lives and being a qualified professional, lots of people are willing to help, give advice, and patiently watch you grow.

I used to be a new teacher. I still feel like one in many ways, and some people would probably still consider me to be one. But the strange thing (at least to me) is that some people don't any more.
Both as a musician and as an educator, my Bachelor's degree in Music Education is nice, but I really should be starting my graduate work. I've been looking at programs online today, Michigan State, Western Michigan University, University of Michigan, Grand Valley... and I'm getting excited. I hope to start next summer.

As a musician, playing in a local semi-professional String Quartet is also nice, but I really should be playing in a Symphony. I haven't stretched myself musically in a while. Playing for weddings and special corporate events is very fun, and provides a nice check every few weeks,'s too easy. I *plan* to audition for the West Shore Symphony Orchestra this fall. I haven't had an audition experience since college, and the thought of it fills me with great fear. I also tentatively "planned" on auditioning last year, but didn't. So, by publicly stating these intentions, I hope to force myself into following through this time. At the same time, I'm excited about a very different way that I will be connected to the WSSO. I was just invited to be on the WSSO Education Board, and at the same time to serve (as a local music educator and alumni) on the West Shore Youth Symphony Board! I've never served on any kind of board before, but I'm excited about a new experience and the opportunity to contribute to two things that I deeply care about.
Because I teach all string instruments in the orchestra, not just violin, a very kind woman allowed me to borrow her cello, so that I could learn. Over the three years that I've had this instrument, I've fallen in love with the cello. Violin will always be my 'first' love, but the dark, rich beauty of the cello is very enchanting to me. Sadly, I had to give the cello back this week. Hopefully I will find a new one soon, because I will be playing the cello for a singer performing at the Dogwood Center for the Performing Arts in late August.


Shaundra said...

You should definately try out. You are so talented and gifted, and it would definately be a great way for you to stretch yourself as a musician. Let me know how it goes.

cheesy-spoosh said...

yeah. . . now you really do need to try out because you know we will be asking about ir and checking up on you! God has definitely blessed you with a beautiful talent. You grow the most when you are stretched or challenged. Good luck!

Dad Corbin said...

I'm pleased to hear that you are going "on record" saying you will audition for the WSSO. You have a beautiful god-given gift which I know you give back to many people through your worship, teaching, and wedding ministry. I feel that playing with the WSSO is something you need to do for "Angela" - plus the whole community would be blessed as a result of your playing. Love you lots and I'll be praying for you and the nerves.


when it comes to music, or any art, here's what I think:
if it's scary, do it.

Auditions are scary, but there are adventures to be had on the other side! Things that will never happen unless you stretch yourself..and the beautiful music you will make with WSSO..I can't wait to come see that.
I love the way you see the world.


and Dad Corbin,

I wanted to say that your comment to daughter Ang was well-said and touching..
On a jealous note: where's mine?
Neice Katie tenderly expects a well-said and touching comment from Uncle Corbin(now that she knows he's out there online!)
Love you.

Jason said...

I've only been fortunate to hear you play at two events, but that is more than enough for me to make a decision... Even during our own wedding, we stopped to just listen to you play. You should definitely go for it!!

And good luck on the decision for your grad work, too. I'm in the same boat, contemplating what to study / when to start... Decisions, decisions...

jaelyn's mom said...

I love you Angie. When are you coming to our house and staying? I love it when you teach me how to play the violin. Bye, Love You!


Thank you for letting me play your violin and when are you coming? I love you.


lizzygrace55 said...

ya you really do up thuis one more than the otherlol this ones more confuzzling thyough....

Anonymous said...

It is Wednesday in the Summer and you are a teacher. You haven't posted since Monday. What is going on? Are you okay?

Yet people still read your blog... and comment.

All of Ang's readers are dumb. You need to click the link that says "Witty Husband Ryan." This is a far superior blog.

Blah, Blah, Blah - Angela is so good at everything she touches. There is nothing she can't do...

Rachel said...
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Rachel said...

Miss Ang,

A thought for a friend falling in love with Cello.. I'm leaving for two years and need someone to loan my cello to while I'm gone... I have a friend in Chicago who would love to borrow it, but I do know you better. I'm guessing you might be interested?

Ang said...

thank you so much for your affirming words. i'm overwhelmed. i do thrive on recognition, but am i that needy? :)
thank you. i practiced almost all day yesterday.

thank you for thinking of me. i wasn't trying to get you to offer...with my sad story about giving back the cello:) it didn't even cross my mind that you would need a cello-sitter too. (Loquita is very cute, by the way) I did get a cello last night-that i can borrow for a while. yours is definately nicer, but if your friend really wants to borrow it-that is just fine. if not though, i could surely give it a good home till you return.