Saturday, July 23, 2005

moussaka & ice cream

Moussaka, a traditional Greek recipe introduced to me by my wonderful mother-in-law, is one of my very favorite foods (and also a fun word to say). I finally attempted to make it myself this week--a vegetarian, bean, feta & ricotta cheesy version. Ryan and I usually agree that it's not a good idea to invite dinner guests while expirimenting with a new recipe. But, simply because a dish of Moussaka is more than we can eat alone, we invited some friends to share in the adventure.

Ryan was able to sit so well during dinner! He sat up straight for well over an hour in an adult chair, just enjoying the company of friends. No crying or trying to leave the table. And baby Ryan did pretty well too.

And after dinner, we took a walk to Frosty Oasis for some ice cream...which both Ryans thoroughly enjoyed.

Notice the blank eyes and 'glazed over' expression. The sugar was a bit overwhelming.



all of the sudden I miss Aunt Sue.

Erica said...

When you were talking about Ryan sitting so well during dinner, it took me awhile to realize that you were not talking about your husband Ryan:)

cheesy-spoosh said...

Yum. . . we need to have all of you over for dinner some time, only we won't be making moussaka. We keep saying we're going to, but we really need to make it happen. . . soon. :)lindsey

Redbaerd said...

I made moussaka this week! For the first time! How crazy is *that*?!

miss you!

Kim said...

Thanks again for the yummy dinner and ice cream. You guys are the best!!!

Ang said...

and i miss you. we should talk again soon :)

i meant to confuse. :)

yes that would be very fun.

*very* crazy!
miss you too. i'll call you soon.
love you,

Ang said...

and kim,
thanks. we must have been posting at the same time. i didn't see your comment before.