Sunday, July 03, 2005

Today we celebrated... mother's birthday. Isn't she beautiful?
She's 59! Even with no make-up, she looks like she's in her forties, but she is actually the mother of four adult children, and six grandchildren!

Yesterday was her real birthday, but it was too full of drama--not the fun kind--to celebrate then.
My mom called us very late on Friday night to tell us that Will, my baby nephew, Isaac's twin brother, had been taken to the ER. He's okay now, but he really scared his mom and dad. I'm sure father Daniel will explain the story at some point on the boy's page. So we went to bed, praying and worrying. Then around 6:30 AM in the morning, my mom called again. This time, to let us know that my Grandpa was also going to the same ER with chest pains. He has been home for about a week now, on medication. The doctors have basically said that there is not much more that they can do for him. His arteries are too clogged and his veins are too thin and weak to operate. So he has been resting and hoping for more time with his wife. They sit very close together and kiss often. They've been eachothers' best friend for over sixty years.

So that my grandpa could come home from the hospital to a peaceful house, Ryan and I took Emma, Jaelyn, Liam, and Addison to the Harmson (Ryan's family) 4th of July celebration. We drove a minivan.
It was weird.

We had tons of fun playing down by the creek, blowing bubbles, snapping "poppers"--(those loud, firecracker things), lighting smoke bombs (Uncle Ryan did that part...not the kindergarteners), playing with hoola-hoops, making sidewalk chalk art, eating, soaking eachother with water balloons and water guns (adults and children), getting very dirty, swimming in Lake Michigan, enjoying a campfire on the beach...

So, if we suddenly became the parents of four children ages 4-8, we could survive. I think.
Fortunately, that isn't likely to happen. We love being "Aunt Gigi" and "Uncle Ryan" for now.
After we dropped the kids off, we went home. And I enjoyed a long, peaceful, hot bath, and finished Life of Pi.
Which has a great ending.
You should read it.


Cheesy-spoosh said...

Wow- you drove a minivan full of kids. . . you are prepared for the road ahead! I am sorry to hear about your grandpa. I cannot imagine. I will be sure to pray for him and your grandma. Hang in there. . .


It sounds like the Harmson's cabin was great fun..
I'm praying for your grandparentst, that God will bless them with his presence and some of the sweetest moments they've ever had together..
praying for Will and very concerned.. I'll be checking their page to get the details..glad he's ok!
I love you guys!

Kim said...

I can't wait to see you and Ryan driving a minivan with four of your own children. They will be some of the happiest children ever!! I think that you are both so sweet and thoughful to give your grandparents a peaceful day. I'll keep praying...