Thursday, July 28, 2005

Six white horses...

...on a rainbow.
Hey, hey, we're goin'
up tomorrow.
Up tomorrow is a rainy day,
so come on up to that shadow plain,
the shadow plain is a...
white banana (?)

All the rudd nieces and nephews have been raised (by their aunt gigi) on this wonderful nonsensical song.

And today it provided me with wonderful smiles, laughter, and even some singing from Will.


Kim said...

You are such a good aunt...of your neices and nephews and of your friends babies!!! I can see from that picutre that Isaac and Will had such a fun time with you yesterday and I am sure they are having the same fun today. Talk to you soon!

Ang said...

well...yes. the boys did have fun yesterday and today (thank you for the extra day), but i can't exactly claim credit for the happiness you see in the picture. i stole the picture from daniel's page.

it was meant to *represent* yesterday's happiness, not actually document it.

and yes, ryan is also one of those special babies raised on the song :)


Just the other day I was singing that song to a friend's baby..I remember you teaching me when we were still in school together!
so funny that I recently thought of's nonsense lyrics never leave your memory once committed!

Redbaerd said...

I try to sing that song each semester to my students. I find its such a great way to make *them* giggle. It's always hardest to figure out who to pick to come forward so I can pick them off the ground and hoist them up in the air to sing the --

hey, hey

part... is a great song.

moroninator said...

Ang Wrote: "it was meant to *represent* yesterday's happiness, not actually document it."

Moron Comments:
Yes, yes!! the perfect metaphore for the conversation we had this morning about sacred texts.

Is the picture any less *true* now?

Ang said...

i laughed a lot....picturing your classroom scene. you must be so strong. i have a hard time still doing that part with emma and jaelyn!
But I'm thinking that i'll just keep getting stronger as they grow, eventually i'll be able to lift college-sized 'kids' too :)

Jay said...

whoa... yeah, im some random guy that lives in california, but our youth pastor who was from michigan taught us that a while ago... and there was a "patty-cake"-esque hand motions with it... but yeah, its good to be reminded of stuff like this... oh, and i think its "bright banana"?... maybe...