Thursday, October 18, 2012

our new house


I've been wanting to post for a while.  But I always want things to be just a little more settled before I take pictures.  It's now been almost three months since we moved in.  The previous owners were still loading up in the driveway at 8 AM when we arrived as the owners at the end of July.  They looked tired, maybe having spent all night loading.  I circled the block a few times and watched them drive away.  Some very generous friends walked in the door right behind us... with paint brushes and rollers.  They spent days painting and cleaning with us.  The 'to-be-painted' list is rather small now. So I guess I might as well share.  These are just cell phone photos.   And they don't even include a fireplace picture (my favorite cold-weather feature).  The lists of projects are endless, but I just keep falling more and more in love with our home.  It feels like a place to stay for a long time.  
The 3 minutes to school in the morning allow just enough time to catch the sunrise over the lake, think about the day ahead, pray with my girls, and get ready to teach.  The walks under tall trees are as romantic as I always dreamed they would be.  I am full of gratitude and still a little childishly delighted about how excited I am to be here.  Hopefully you can come have some tea or coffee...or molasses cookies here soon. 


Mandie Segura said...

Angela, it's beautiful! I'm so happy you've found a beautiful place to dwell. :)

Lindsey said...

It looks so warm and welcoming! I LOVE it and we will have to take you up on your offer of molasses cookies sometime soon. Miss you bunches!

Bringing In Bedtime said...

What a lovely house! And that outdoor space. So, so nice!