Thursday, October 18, 2012

should've repeated those words even more.

Totally just blew my resolution to 'keep calm'.  Everything started falling apart around 4:30.  Just after posting my new house pictures....the perfect afternoon of playing, reading stories and giggling with Sophie, a quiet naptime until Maya's bus arrived, cookie-making and after-school chatting with Maya.... somehow turned into a relentless sister fight, screaming, an accidentally (but excessively) scratched hardwood floor (in three different rooms!?), a reminder of frustrating circumstances was reignited (through the internet) which always tend to steal my peace, husband had to work late, and 2 girls were late for soccer practice and crying.

And even after all my preaching, I totally blew it.  I did not keep calm...or carry on. I yelled.  And I quit.  Whined a little to my mom and my husband.  Breathed deeply.  Prayed for help. Apologized.  And hit the restart button.    Again.   And again.

It turned out that....both soccer practices were favorite biscuit recipe baked perfectly tonight, we had extra time for a chicken noodle soup family dinner (a frozen meal made by some of my sweetest friends), and now, two girls are sweetly repeating a tiny excerpt of a song stuck in their heads.... "thank you, thank you, Jesus, thank you, thank you, Jesus...."  Homework is done, it's bath and bed time, and Ryan says that the Tigers are winning, and we have molasses cookies for dessert.

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Momma Bean said...

I love you and your honesty :) I'm so glad your night turned around so quickly, even though it probably didn't seem so quick.