Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pie for dinner

(That's not my image...but it's about right)

Butternut squash.... sliced, sauteed with butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg...baked on top of a flaky buttery pie crust.   

At the end of a day like this one, I could write a lot about the weight of all the sadness in the world, all the things that are endlessly breaking, all the darkness that seems to never go away but continually gets bigger and scarier.  

But there were just way too many beautiful things today that deserve mentioning (far more than all the ugliness)...Buttery pie crust was just one of the many delights I could celebrate...  waking in the morning with nothing scheduled for the day,  conversations with people I love, a surprise afternoon visit from my parents and grandparents, a cool morning run, breakfast at our little local tavern on the water, feeding the ducks, yoga on a dock, folding clothes by the fire, my girls reading together in the corner for over an hour, Maya's violin playing, baking, cousins laughing together, pumpkin carving, dinner around a packed table, siblings, a few fun and loving text messages from friends and family, and a late-night pumpkin spice latte delivery from my husband. 

And after all that, it was that perfect Autumn pastry that was my real inspiration to blog tonight.  Butter is good like that.  


Ésprit said...
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Ésprit said...

LOL, it's awesome being an adult, you can have PIE for dinner. I had apple pie 2 nights ago. Heck, I deserved it, I ate my good share of fruit and veggies all day...I'm vegan!