Thursday, September 29, 2005

a bit of selfish (and somwhat misdirected) pride

At a beginner level, the thrill of seeing your student begin to make music is beautiful. The simple, pure pleasure they have in their new ability is profound.
With most students, there are some less pleasurable years that follow this initial excitement. When the 'newness' wears off, some quit. Some get lazy. But most struggle through it...with a few glimpses of actual beauty along the way.
Eventually, it is a joy to listen to them perform again.
A few of my students have reached that place. And two of them have now become teachers as well. The strings program is growing so quickly, I don't have time to teach all of the beginners, so two of my advanced highschoolers have begun teaching private lessons.
Both of these girls auditioned and were accepted into the West Shore Youth Symphony- a community youth orchestra made up of the best young musicians from every school in the area. The experience is so good for our school only offers them a small String Ensemble for performance.
This week Amanda, my only Senior student, went to Youth Symphony rehearsal unaware that chair auditions were being held that night. (She had missed the previous rehearsal....because she's performing as one of the lead vocal soloists in a Civic Theatre production downtown)
Since it was sight-reading, she was able to complete the audition....and take the Concert Mistress position! She's first chair.
Of all the students from every school in the student...took first!
I'm beaming with pride.

So...this is not really *my* accomplishment. She's just one of those students...excells at everything. But I am still revelling in the glory of it...maybe even more so than when it was me. Am I a little delusional? too excited about some one else's accomplishment?
oh, well.
At least, I feel like I've done something right with my students. Well-timed validation.
I'm so glad that we worked on sight-reading in her lesson that day.


Q said...

It's perfect! 2 beautiful ladies (inside and out!) pursued something they love and their talent is recognized. I understand your pride. I always felt like you were "one of mine". I'm proud of Angela AND Melissa!

Andrea Rudd said...

Who is "Melissa"? Am I missing something here? If it is an inside joke or something, you dont have to tell me...just curious.

Ang said...

my guess is....that your mom meant Amanda.
Her mom's name is Melissa :)