Thursday, September 29, 2005


It's not my style to blog about T.V. shows. Lately, I hardly ever even watch them.
I never really got into the show last year. I missed a few episodes, so I always felt a little I was missing some important information. Apparently that is how you are supposed to feel...even if you watch religiously.
I just saw the first two shows of the season last night.
I think I'm hooked.
After watching the opening show of the season, I (and all the other LOST devotees) wondered...'who is that australian guy down in the underground hatch? has he been waiting for Jack all this time? did he know all of this when he met him the first time in the stadium? he was connected with such a beautiful story in Jack's life, how can we not trust him?'
As I suspected, none of my questions were answered.

Ryan thinks that they are all dead. Everyone on the island. That's why people keep seeing 'ghosts'. It's like pergatory. Everyone is there to 'work through' something big from their life.

any other theories?




They're not all dead. *We* are. And we're here, each watching a specific blend of perplexing television work through something big.


david rudd said...

i know this is cliche, but its obviously a gov't conspiracy...

like professional sports. have you noticed that in this year when baseball is beseiged by steroid accusations, all of the sudden every division has a pennant race, and both wild-card races are going down to the wire... of course you haven't noticed...

Dave said...

ang if you go online you can read last season and catch up... yeah that's right take the obsession to a new level all together.. miss you both.