Thursday, September 15, 2005


Ryan is petrified to go to our dance class tonight. I have hardly had time to get excited this week, but now there is just one more meeting this afternoon, and then...we dance.


Wags said...

the only dance lesson I need is D-quon's dance grooves video.

Andrea Rudd said...

I am very excited to hear how dance classes went. Ryan should have nothing to be afraid of - I have seen his moves:)

Shaundra said...

Ohhh...Eric, can I borrow that video when you're done with it?? :)

Anonymous said...

How fun!!! I am so excited for you it should be a great time with each other.:)

Sally said...

nice alluring picture!

Kim said...

I keep checking back for more posts from you and nothing...are you still out there???

Ang said...

I'm here.
I'm just drained...empty of thoughts. I worked at school today for almost 12 hours, then came home to a rehearsal in my living room for another three hours.
It seems like all I have time to do is sleep.
thanks for caring though...It's always fun to see another comment (especially when that's the only new thing happening on my blog).

Daniel Rudd said...

Well guys, this was a pretty good post from back in July. Let's read it together as we remember the good old days, and hope that our favoirte blogger will come back to us:

Posted By Angela in July:

Some words from a fifteenth century monk that cut my conscience as I read them today...

Currently Reading
The Imitation of Christ (Vintage Spiritual Classics)
By Thomas Kempis

..."Study, therefore, to withdraw the love of your soul from all things that are visible, and to turn it to things that are invisible."

"...we quickly believe evil of others sooner than good. It is great wisdom therefore, not to be hasty in our deeds, not to trust much in our own wits, not readily to believe every tale, not to show straightway to others all that we hear or believe."

"Charity and not eloquence is to be sought..."

"Dreaming of a change of place has deceived many a person in religion."

" hear and take counsel is a more sure way than to give it."

Kim said...

Sorry to hear you have been soooo busy. Just think, in two more weeks, you will be on vacation!!

Wags said...

I am the tenth comment!!!! Hooray!