Friday, August 12, 2005


We might have a garage sale this weekend. So, yesterday I started cleaning out the closet in the guest room...which was literally packed with boxes, luggage, loose papers, pictures, frames. It was dangerous. Anything could happen when you opened the door. The problem with cleaning one closet, is that in order to actually fix things, I have to have a place to put them, which means I have to clean out another closet. And so the cycle began. So last night, when I went to bed at 2 AM, my entire house was torn apart.
Also last night, Ryan informed me that his aunt, uncle, and cousins may come to visit tonight. Fortunately they are very real, gracious, loving people. However, I don't want them to hurt themselves. I better get to work.


Lindsey said...

Angela, I know how you feel. I came home from school early today with the intent on cleaning out the fridge and cupboards and such. Instead i have been blogging and doing fun things. Good luck. May the closets not swallow you up, and if they do, may they spit you out in one piece. You are a brave women!

gina said...

hey angela! oh the days of the spiced hamms... so glad you posted on my blog! i hope you are doing well in your post-cedarville existence! and i will certainly enjoy reading your blog!! :-)