Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Some of my most well spent moments seem to be spent in convivium.

My family loves to just sit at the table, long after the food is gone...arguing, laughing, telling stories. Usually the candles start dripping wax, the "in-laws" begin clearing the table, watching the kids, doing responsible things...while the 'notals' sit, contemplating theories, discussing post-modernism, openness of God, the emergent church, politics...oblivious to the immediate surroundings. Thanksgiving is too far away.

Last night, Ryan and I enjoyed this kind of 'living together'...while we watched the boats pass through the channel, eating mediterranean pita sandwiches and drinking rasberry juice.

Sunday night, Kim and I prepared a convivium together (penne pasta with sauteed mushrooms & red bell peppers...tossed with feta and basil pesto sauce). I love eating with friends.

In church on sunday we ate together. we celebrated communion...singing about our freedom through Christ. We studied Romans, trying to recognize how fully we are condemned, drowning in guilt and sin. Trying to fully comprehend how beautiful our redemption is!

No condemnation now I dread
Jesus and all in Him is mine.
Alive in Him, my living Head
and clothed in righteousness divine.
Bold I approach the eternal throne,
and claim the crown through Christ my Lord.

Amazing Love, how can it be?
That thou my God shouldst die for me?

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