Wednesday, August 03, 2005

three years ago, i said...

"Ryan, you are
my best friend,
and today, I choose you
to be my husband.
I am placing this ring on your finger
as a symbol of my unending love
and a reminder of my promise."

I loved our wedding day..and most days since.
And today..I still choose you, baby. You are so much more to me now than I ever could have ever understood on that day...the most intimate friend I have ever found. With you, I am vulnerable, safe, beautiful, content, and deeply happy. I still am amazed that I am the lucky woman that gets to spend my days and nights with you...hearing your thoughts, dreams, frustrations, ponderings... I get to know you, like no one else on earth. And yet, you still intrigue me. You are a wonderful mystery that I get to spend the rest of my life discovering. I love you.
Happy anniversary.

This strikingly handsome, witty, intriguing man I get to live with gave me another ring today.... not a diamond this time, but a beautiful deep red garnet.
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yin-to-the-rudd's-yang said...

Happy Anniversary, Ryan & Ang! I'm very happy for you, although I'm somewhat distressed at your rather revealing choice of bridal gown.

Erica said...

Congrations on your 3rd anniversary. Your wedding was truly like no other. I still have vivid memories of how beautiful and special your wedding was .

Ang said...

dear yin,
i'm glad your funny comment led to blog-remorse...enough that i got a phone call from one of my favorite people :)
thanks for calling.


ang & ryan,
your kind of love is inspiring to the people who love you both.
happy anniversary!