Wednesday, August 24, 2005

i did not practice today.

I did go to Target with my husband just to wander around before we met my parents for...

mountains of maranatha ice cream... in a cone...turned upside down

and a was "homeschool talent show night" at the snack shack...i'll let ryan blog about that one. he claimed it :)

fun conversations with my mom and dad about church, and scripture, post-modern thought, and theology

I think I have a rare and beautiful gift to have parents (including inlaws) that continually and deliberately show unconditional love and interest...with so much wisdom, and openness. I hope that when I am a parent/grandparent that I will be as flexible and thoughtful as they have been to their children-willing to dialogue about, question and even reconsider my ways of thinking, to teach and offer wisdom and experience, and still continue to learn until I die.

. . .

My far away niece, Jaelyn, had her first day at a new school today (first grade). It sounds like it turned out beautifully. It is no surprise that she found friends. Her great ability to create FUN and her incredible compassion and generosity will always make her a wonderful friend. Still, new schools are scary. (at least for me)

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